Monday, July 11, 2005


More Music...

There don't seem to be enough hours in the day. I've got a lot of music to add to the stream, and hopefully I'll get it in soon. Meanwhile, I've at least got this... Something to nibble on. :-)

Klaus Schulze - Timewind (197?) This is an absolute classic, and there is no excuse for my not having it in the stream before now. This is one of the best "space music" CDs ever created. And to add to the reality and bring back memories for those of you who are old and enough and still have those memories, I've left all the pops and scratches in. "Bayreuth Return" still has one of the most amazing endings ever recorded. Crank up your computer when this one comes around and be prepared to freak out everyone in the adjoining cubicles.

Syn (from a new MP3) - Time and a Word (2005) This classic is reinterpreted by Chris Squire and friends... And catch Chris and Steve and Alan White in concert this summer.

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