Sunday, July 29, 2007


Music Update for July

Telesma - O(h)M (2007)
Somewhere between dark and techno rides Telesma. They are a unique band that seems to borrow from many different progressive and techno styles creating a unique sound that will move your body and your mind.

Porcupine Tree - Fear of a Blank Planet (2007)
The band that can add beauty to the progressive sound released this CD earlier this year. I think I prefer Deadwing, but this is still an excellent CD. Waves of music come and go with such ease and yet with such dramatic effect. I believe Steven and his band still have a long way to go on their journey. There is just so much talent here.

Hypnoise - St. Valentine's Porno Bar
Strange, dark, at times terrifying. Is that a positive review or what? This is the type of band I drooled over as a college student. They really don't fit any genre, and yet seem to fit in very nicely with my 70's prog. stream.

Rising Higher Gone (2007)
This is a young guy named Elliott who has created a sophisticated and layered piece called "The Astronaut has Landed". It brings back memories of the space progressive of the 70's, but with a strong bass line that not only holds it together but gives it some extra energy. I hope to hear more from this young man in the future.

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