Saturday, May 19, 2007


New Music for May 2007

Roz Vitalis - Compassionizer (2007)
We used to call it Eastern European prog. It was more than the German Kraut Rock. There was a strong sense of classical music running through its veins. It was dark and ominous. Roz Vitalis brings us that sound, with a modern touch. Compassionizer stands on its own, but you may have trouble picking it out from the original 70's music on my stream. Do check these guys out at .
Rags to Riches - Picking up the Pieces (2007)
From Norway, these guys understand the classic rock/prog rock sound. I only have one song, "Diamond on a Ring" to go by, but I did enjoy it a lot. Hope to hear more from them soon. You can pick up their CD at CDBaby.
Van Der Graaf Generator - Real Time (2007)
Recorded in 2005 at the Royal Festival Hall, this two CD set is what we would have killed for back in the 70's. The sound is excellent and the music is... well, Van Der Graaf. After 30 years, there is no doubt these guys know how to play their music. Peter is in good voice too. If you love VDGG, just go and buy it.
Tangerine Dream - Alpha Centauri/Phaedra (1971/1974)
A couple of classic TD albums put together in one CD. Such a deal. They really were the first great Space Rock band. A friend back in those days used to call them a soundtrack band because their music always sounded like it was a score to a movie. And of course, years later they did just that. Enjoy.
Popol Vuh - in den garten pharaos (2004)
During the early 70's the two bands that mined the "space rock" genre were Tangerine Dream and the not as famous (at least in the U.S.) Popol Vuh. Just as experimental as TD, this is still an interesting CD to listen to. The bonus tracks with this release aren't worth any extra money though. And a thank you to the anonymous poster to set me straight on their history.
Patrick Moraz/Syrinx - Coexistence (2006)
This is another piece of the Patrick Moraz reissue catalog. If you aren't in to the pan pipe, stay away from this one. It is all keyboards (Patrick) and pipe (Syrinx). Not for everyone, it does have its moments. I found a couple of songs I liked a lot for the stream. Check them out.
David Sylvian - Gone to Earth (1986) & Secrets of the Beehive (1987)
I fell in love with this one song I heard on XM and thought I'd check out David's solo CDs. I was planning on putting his music on my singer/songwriter station but was delightfully surprised to find that it really fit the progressive rock station more. Think of him as a moody singer/songwriter with vocals coming through a haze of atmosphere and fog. But of course he is so much more complex than that. With help from artists like Robert Fripp, his solo career (he was also the leader of the band Japan back in the 80s) is eclectic to say the least.

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