Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Kate Bush

Reuters is reporting that Kate Bush, after a 12 year hiatus will be releasing a double CD called "Aerial" on November 8th in the U.S. (November 7th in the U.K.). It is going to be a long 69 days. :-)

Monday, August 29, 2005


More Music...

Stomu Yamashta – The Go Sessions (2005) Finally! This is the complete 3 LP set of music from Stomu Yamashta’s super group from the 70’s. The original “Go” LP featured, along with Stomu on percussion and keyboards, Michael Shrieve on drums, Klaus Schulze on keyboards and effects, Al Dimeola on guitar and Steve Winwood on vocals and keyboards. With Schulze and Yamashta’s keyboards creating the atmosphere, Dimeola’s guitar attacks and Winwood’s vocals soar. It is an amazing trip bouncing between pop and space. “Live From Paris”, is the live version of this and although it is only an okay recording, hearing Dimeola explode is the main reason you want to own this. “Go Too” had some member changes, including the loss of Winwood. I think it had trouble finding its voice in the end and isn’t nearly as good as the first two. For those interested in buying this, be warned that this isn’t a remastering. It is a fairly flat recording and probably sounds better on your turntable (pops and all). I have already inserted the first 2 LPs onto my play list. I’m not sure about “Go Too” yet.

Van Der Graaf Generator – Present (2005) Yep. VDGG has put together a double CD of new music. I liked the CD, but truthfully, this felt pretty much like what they were doing 30 years ago. That’s not a bad thing. But I was hoping for more growth. This is a copy protected release, so be prepared to find a workaround (not too tough with this type).

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