Monday, May 26, 2008


Music for May

What a weekend. The radio station hard drive was failing and bringing down the station was my only choice. While it was down though I was able to get a couple of things done. The long awaited updates to the play list happened and more important, I was able to get a backup system in place for the next time. I also updated some of the older files to a higher format. Hopefully some of the songs will sound a bit better. So, lacking sleep and wishing the weekend had just started, here is the music I added to the station this weekend:

We start with some new music from Quidam and Cary Clouser...

Quidam - Alone Together (2007)
Like Porcupine Tree, Quidam bridges that gap between pop and progressive so nicely that if you are a prog only kinda listener, you hardly feel guilty. You'll find some beautiful melodies and pretty (okay, handsome) vocals throughout, but you are never far from a searing guitar solo. The sound has a strong 70's vibe but with a very modern feel. This is one of my favoriteprog releases in some time.

Cary Clouser - Finger Paintings (2008)

Cary is an indie prog artist with loads of talent. This CD is very much a one man effort with a little help here and there from a couple of bass and guitar players. But you won't know that by listening. There is a full produced sound here with an emphasis on piano based pop/prog. There is some fine soloing and nice vocals. Someone to keep an eye on. .

And then we have some oldies that are new to the play list.

UK - Night After Night (1979)

After UK lost its drummer and guitarist, you would think that Eddie and John would have hung it up. But they brought on Terry Bozzio and really, who needs a guitarist when you have great violin and keyboards from Eddie. Well, maybe a guitarist would have helped fill in a few holes in the sound, but otherwise, this live CD brings back lots of good memories. Thanks to Mark for recommending this CD.

Steeleye Span - The Journey (1999)

This live recording from 1995 brought back all but one of the Steeleye Span members for a memorable concert. You can easily see by listening why I have picked this band as the main representative of English folk for my prog broadcast.

Frank Zappa - Zappa In New York (1978)
There was nothing like seeing Frank Zappa live and this R rated double CD is worth every minute of it. Frank may never have been lumped into the progressive rock category, but there wasn't a rocker alive making more sophisticated music.

Traffic (multiple discs)
I only had a couple of songs from John Barlyecorn Must Die and Low Spark of High Healed Boys on the stream. These are fantastic CDs that get airplay on classic rock stations. But they are part of the sound that made up progressive radio back in the 70's, so I decided to add the other songs from these CDs. If they are not in your collection...

And I've started bringing more ripped vinyl to the play list.

Procol Harum - Grand Hotel (1973)
Because of their success, Procol Harum can be a hard band to categorize. There is no doubt though that this particular album is far beyond the standard fare that was the classic rock of the 70's. Unlike most prog rock of the time though, the lyrics are equal to the amazing musical journey.

Pulsar - Strands of the Future (1976)

One of the best progressive bands to come out of France, Pulsar mixes moody atmospheres with melodies that often feel like they belong in a scary midnight movie. And then... an acoustic guitar may come out of nowhere and make you feel all better again. If you like the space music that came out of Germany, Pulsar takes it to the next level.

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