Sunday, May 29, 2005


More Music...

Two CDs added to the play list today:

Esperanto - Last Tango (1975) A band with lots of talent and a very unique sound, Esperanto only got 3 albums out before succumbing to the pressures of the record biz. Okay, maybe I'm being a bit over-dramatic again; but you get the point. Last Tango, maybe their best, is a mix of styles of music; and yet it all fits as if it were one piece of music. When I first started this stream back in the 90's (I just had to say that, it sounds soooo cool) I had ripped my vinyl to bring this to you. Somehow, it disappeared from the stream. It's back now, without the pops, scratches and hum. Thank you Ebay. There are now Japanese and Korean CDs available of this album.

Porcupine Tree - Deadwing (2005) Porcupine Tree is easily one of the best prog rock bands playing today. Whereas most prog bands focus almost entirely on guitar, PT builds classic song structures with solos important but not the focus; just like the great bands of the seventies.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005


More Music...

Ashra - New Age of Earth (1977) I've already got some Ashra on the stream and really love them. The music creates a spacy backdrop for soring guitar solos. Great stuff.

Manzenera - K-Scope (1978) Phil Manzenera the guitar player behind Roxy Music and 801 put out this unnoticed solo CD as the end of the first era or prog rock was starting to assend upon us. Maybe not his best work, but good enough for the rest of us. :-)

Mike Oldfield - Five Miles Out (1982) Someone forgot to tell Mike that progressive rock was dead in 1982. Nevertheless, this is fine CD with classic MO style: Lots of layers. I promise to get more Oldfield on the stream someday. I just can't buy everything.


The First Post

This is the first post for 70's English Progressive Rock. So here we go...

Back in 1999 I started my first online radio station, thanks to . For the last 5 and a 1/2 years I've had this crappy web site that had lots of info and little style. I just don't have time to create wonderful web sites. And now there are blogs and it is time to start doing it at least better if not great. So here we are. At the minimum, this site will show all additions to my station. I also will put in the few concert reviews that fit this site. Hopefully, I will find the time and a way to move all of the info from my other web site over here. I will always keep a link to that site. Also, if you like new music performed by singer/songwriters and people like Bruce Springsteen, Bob Schneider and Patty Griffin, check out The Promise.

So, what is 70's English Progressive? Good question. Even I am not totally sure. When I was younger, lots of people thought groups like Rush were progressive rock. That isn't what I listened to, and that is not what you will hear on this stream. I am trying to re-create the experience I had in college radio back in the 70's. Of course we played pre-Gabriel Genesis and early Supertramp (groups you should know). But we also played Van der Graaf Generator and Gentle Giant and Caravan (groups I hope you know). Then there were the bands that had trouble fitting. Were The Strawbs a progressive folk band or just an electric folk band or what? Doesn't matter. They fit. As does Steeleye Span and John Martyn and Be Bop Deluxe and Roxy Music. These are just a handful of the band we were playing and the artists you will hear on my stream.

So please, if you made it this far, check out the stream and if you're old enough, check out my old web site and stroll down memory lane as you read the names of many of the bands that are on this stream.

Thanks for tuning in,


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