Saturday, February 23, 2008


New Music for February 2008

I've got some new music along with a few old ones to add to the play list. As always, a big thank you to the artists that send in their music. Even though the focus of the broadcast is 70's music, there is plenty of music today that fits right in. And if it does, I'll play it. And also thankyous go out to all of the kind listeners who have written in over the years. I always enjoy hearing from you. Thanks for the stories. Hope you enjoy the music.

Jamie Craig - The Lost Dream (2007)
Back in the 70's a friend of mine used to refer to progressive music as soundtrack music; and with good reason. Bands like Tangerine Dream easily moved into the soundtrack business after gaining worldwide fame. Continuing on in the "soundtrack style" tradition is Jamie Craig, who has put together a handful of mood inspiring recordings. It is easy to listen to these songs and get lost as they carry you away. Somewhere between 70's prog and New Age you will find "The Lost Dream". It is an enjoyable trip.
The Neil Campbell Collective - Particle Theory (2007)
This is a strong collection of prog/jazz music. What many hard core prog fans won't admit is that a good melody can be just as important as the sound scape. And there are some beautiful melodies that lead you along. Whether it is the cello from Aria or Neil's keyboards from the title track, there is a beauty to go along with the intelligence.

And from the vaults...
Cirque Du Soleil - Saltimbanco (1992)
Their music has always captivated me. It is always unique and inspiring. I believe it will fit in very nicely with the great music from the 70's.
Genesis - Selling England By The Pound (1973)
This is embarrassing. How did this one escape getting put into the play list. A great album from a band that was in their peak period.
Peter Gabriel - Peter Gabriel (1977)
Another oversight. An all star cast gives Peter a great start as a solo artist.

There are more "oversights" coming. I just can't keep up. As long as you all keep listening, I'll keep getting the music to you.


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